Working from Home: The DJI Team Around the World

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the whole world, and we are all practicing social distancing. We want to use ViewPoints as a place of support. We are calling on the global community to stay home and stay creative with DJI. While we are facing a difficult time, we can turn it into an opportunity. Do something. Learn a new skill. Overcome a challenge. Whatever you choose to do, capture it and share it with the world, and connect with others making moments in the safety of their homes. 



When COVID-19 turned our world turned upside down, DJI’s global team found new ways to stay active and innovative – even while locked down at home. Although our team members are spread across several continents, we looked for ways to best adapt to the uncertainties and challenges of spending so much time inside, away from each other.

Yes, there was work to be done, products to share, and projects to continue. But with a new challenge in front of us, we needed a bit of creativity to stay happy and healthy. From cooking a new recipe to repurposing old clothes, there’s always a chance to learn and grow, even at home.

See what we did to #StayHomeStayCreative

For more ideas and inspiration, please take a look at more of our Stay Home, Stay Creative stories. We have colleagues who immersed themselves in FPV flight, shared fun at-home moviemaking tips, and more. Whether you’re still living and working from home, or slowly making it back to your office, we hope you stay safe and continue to tap into your creativity.





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