#BeBoldForChange: Viviana Laperchia

Exactly 1 year ago I joined the PR team at DJI Europe, just when I decided to move my entire family to Germany from Canada. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of Bologna. I was fascinated with the Canadian wilderness and following my studies, I got an internship opportunity in Toronto, where I eventually stayed for 10 years. My first job as a translator quickly led me to join a local publication as managing editor. But my true love was marketing. When my first son was born, I thought that was the right time to go back to school and pursue my dream. I quit my job and started working as a freelancer and consultant. Needless to say, as my nest grew, so did the need to be closer to my family in Italy. So here I am, back to Europe.

When did you join the tech industry?
DJI is the first corporate tech company I have the pleasure of working at but I have always been involved with tech start-ups. My interest in technology stems from my passion for sci-fi literature, and as a communicator and storyteller, you always need to be on top of everything and ready to adapt. One of my most recent clients before joining DJI was a global corporation providing training solutions to the tech industry, so I witnessed first-hand the internal cultural shifts and learning process they went through to adjust to an ever changing reality.

What do you think about the industry?
The tech industry is fast-paced and driven by the constant need to innovate. However, in the process, we somehow tend to focus too much on product features and forget about our consumer needs. How is a new technology going to change someone’s life? How will society benefit from this? Think of drones and block chain technology: among other things, they solve real problems for developing countries that lack technology and infrastructure. The moment we start thinking of the bigger picture, we can talk about real disruption.

Have you had to deal with challenges in your career?
I undertook a major career change just as I was undergoing a major life change with the birth of my first son. I wanted to prove to myself, my peers and mentors I could do it: believe me, being awake all night and studying during the day was no easy thing. And just when you think everything will go as planned, you realize, much to your surprise, that you need a new strategy. Yet, I like the challenge of re-starting something from scratch until I get it right. It can be frustrating, but very exciting. It’s part of the learning curve and we never stop learning.

What does change represent to you?
Change is much more than a “bump on the road” we need to embrace from time to time. It’s a constant in our life, no matter how much we try to avoid it. It’s the trigger to grow and unearth our true purpose. When I took the decision to move back to Europe, I could not imagine what the next chapter could look like. At DJI, I am given the unique opportunity to bring my international experience to help a growing Asian company understands the European culture. As crazy as it may sound, had I not sought change, I would have never had this chance.

How do you react when a situation isn’t in your favor?
I am an introvert. That means, I usually need to think through. The first step, whether it’s a personal or a professional issue, is to identify the root cause. If you don’t understand the problem, you can’t find the solution. The second step is evaluating different options and playing different scenarios in your head. Again, plans might not work, but the trick is to be flexible enough to be able to tweak them and make them work. The next crucial step is communication. Suggested solutions need to be conveyed in a way that resonates with our audience, and the only way to do so, is making the issue relevant by connecting at a cultural level. It’s about bringing humanity back in the industry.


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