Introducing DJI’s New Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI recently announced the release of the newest version of its Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro Platinum. The new drone features a sleek design and compact body that is both powerful and alluring. A new and improved 30-minute flight time coupled with 60% noise power reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DJI’s best portable drone yet. If you’re looking for great quality photos and the ability to bring it anywhere you go, this is the perfect drone for you.

Advanced Flight

DJI’s Mavic Pro Platinum features two upgrades: a reduction in noise when flying and increased flight time. Love to travel and don’t want loud drones to impact the perfect natural experience? Noise reduction up to 4dB (60% noise power) allows you to enhance your flight experience while traveling so you can enjoy every aspect of your travels. An extended flight time of 30 minutes with a new FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers results in even more portability, making it great for when you’re on the go.