Kieler Woche 2017: All Sails Out!

Kieler Woche, we are back!

Kieler Woche, one of the most mythical sailing races there is – and we’re happy to be part of it once more! After 2016’s success, we could not even think of not coming back. The scenery provided by North-Germany’s coasts allowed us to get some of the most stunning footage to date.

This year, we upped our game: we’ve brought with us our DJI Inspire 2 along with our X5S and an array of lenses from 15mm to zoom, as well as 2 drone teams – one dedicated to live broadcasting and the second to getting shots for the event video.

What does this mean? It means that we are ready to handle pretty much anything that this year’s event will throw at us! Filming plan is full and our teams will be floating around in their own boats from where they can film races.

That’s a very challenging situation for them, as boat means moving along water & waves while taking off and landing. High winds & sailing action were however no trouble for the Inspire 2. All of it, worth the effort in the end, as you can see on the pictures of this page!

Action both over the water & on the ground

Events such as Kieler Woche are always fun to us, as it is also a great opportunity to meet fans, users or simply curious minds. With a booth up in the harbour, we brought the best of our products! We displayed our new Spark, but also the beloved Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Advanced and even Inspire 2 & our Osmos!

Perfect place to see & test them, we welcomed thousands of people over the course of 10 days, providing information, insights and test flights with the DJI Goggles or the Gesture Mode of our Spark. What’s not to like?