FIS Sierra Nevada Diary: Our First Couple of Days

A New Adventure

With the FIS Sierra Nevada now well started, the DJI crew is now getting used to the snow, altitude and mountain filming conditions. That’s quite a new setup for us! It took some time to get a good sense of the competition, the incredible speed and aerial figures of the skiers and snowboarders.

Today marks the end of the Moguls competition – skiing down a bumpy & abrupt slope with 2 jumps in-between. We’ve got to say, filming those guys flying down the bumps, while being quite mesmerizing, we felt for their poor knees… The gear passed the first few days with flying colors – pun intended. We were lucky, as the temperatures are not as low as expected (between 0 & 10 degrees). As of now, we are proudly part of the live-broadcasted program on several national TV channels!

A Packed Program

Now, we’re gearing up for challenges to come. We will be filming Slopestyle & Halfpipe during the next few days. Awesome figures are to be expected! That will also be completely different from what we’ve seen so far with Moguls. We’ll have to get used to those new riding styles. What that means for us: rethinking positions & trajectories we will be flying, to get the best of the action while keeping riders & spectators safe…

We’ll keep you posted on our adventures!