FIS Sierra Nevada Diary: Coming to an end

Blood, toil, tears and sweat… And snow!

Today, we conclude the chapter that FIS Sierra Nevada represents for us. We have to say, working in the mountains has been quite an experience! Not only the landscape was very different than what we’re used to, but also the whole setting of Sierra Nevada. See, we’re used to mostly working in controlled, closed environments – during rallies, shooting our own movies, etc.

FIS Sierra Nevada

Here at FIS, of course we had our own, closed flight zones, but we were in the middle of the slopes. Considering that the ski resort was open to the public, we had to cope with both the competition area on one side and the public slopes and areas on the other side. Having now to double, double check on our environment to ensure safe flying gave our pilots yet another huge responsibility to handle – not to mention that we also broadcasted live images from our DJI Inspire 2!

In the end, we had a lot of fun & got truly incredible footage from FIS. We’re happy to share our highlights movie with you, hope you enjoy it and we’ll be back soon for more crazy adventures!