Drones for Good

In every part of the world, we are seeing a life-changing movement taking flight: people are using drones for good.

In the United States, drones are giving a vantage point that allows humanitarian groups and non-governmental organizations to save hundreds of people from danger. Throughout the African continent, they are providing conservationists tools to protect animals and the environment they rely upon. In laboratories and research facilities in every continent, they are continually giving scientists information to study and improve our global habitat in ways they have never been able to do before, allowing them to ensure a home for future generations.

Everywhere and every day, people are making drones a powerful force for good.



Innovation Across Industries

DJI drones have always been used in many places across the world, but each year we see them used in new areas no one would have imagined before. For example, the Venezuelan Association of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (AVERPAS) organize the aeronautic sector in the country and help bring aeronautical certification to all companies and users of drones. One of its key objectives is to create a search and rescue network called DroneSAR Venezuela, which was inspired by DroneSAR Chile. More and more people across the world understand how valuable drones are during public safety missions.

Rangers throughout Africa have the difficult task of herding elephants away from poachers and small villages. With a drone, they can now manage and protect elephant populations in ways that keep everyone – human and non-human – out of harm’s way.

Drones are also proving themselves as a powerful tool in reshaping more and more industries with higher efficiency and productivity. Power inspection, agriculture, infrastructure, and traffic management are just a few examples. We see people using our drones for good in the most extreme environments, day or night, rain or shine.


Unlocking Creativity

In every part of the world, we are seeing a life-changing movement taking flight: people are using drones for good.
The increasingly diverse and unique uses of drones leave us continually impressed with how creative people are with our technology. DJI drones have empowered individuals to help others in natural disasters, educate students in various disciplines, support firefighters, and save endangered species. These individuals are not only pioneers, but proof that innovation isn’t just driven by technology alone, but the people who use it. It’s no surprise that drone technology has helped saved over 250 lives around the world.


True Inspiration

In every part of the world, we are seeing a life-changing movement taking flight: people are using drones for good.Behind all these incredible stories are inspirational people who’ve rediscovered what they can do. Those with limited or no mobility have found their wings with a drone, rediscovering the world and creating their own paths. Children in classrooms are realizing their potential, learning in new ways, and turning their creativity into action. People in hospitals and home care can return to places that gave them joy and reach destinations they’ve never been, finding a new way towards hope and happiness. These stories show that with a drone, people are redefining what’s possible.


Drones for Good

Whether it’s in national or local news, the public is seeing more how drones are giving people a chance to shape the world. Sharing these stories helps everyone see that they can make a change for themselves and their community. The more we can connect these individuals and organizations, the more we will see innovation flourish.

We want your help to create this ecosystem. Share, inspire, and be a leader for a global community.



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