DJI – WRC Film School

DJI has been on site of all the WRC races, shooting content for the last 2 years and helping the WRC drivers by providing a deep analysis of the race with aerial views of what cannot be seen from the ground. DJI has also enabled the drivers to have a precise analysis of their driving during different races by monitoring performance and comparing to previous years.

DJI wanted to do things differently this year at the WRC Finland 2018 and took the opportunity to introduce a new kind of tutorial videos, as filming a car race requires a specific set of skills. The WRC film school tutorial videos give you tips and tricks on how to fly and shoot videos and of fast moving objects without losing footage quality.

To make sure our users get useful pieces of advice from the best there is, we’ve asked Ferdinand Wolf, professional pilot and Andre Becker, gimbal operator and product manager to share their knowledge on drone flying and shooting aerial videos. They were on-site at the race and have gathered some pro tips for you.

WRC Film School series

Watch all three episodes of the WRC Film School series below for everything you need to know on how to prepare material before shooting, how to fly in race conditions, and how to film for this kind of event.

Episode 1: Drone Preparations for Motorsport Shots

In the first episode, our pilot Ferdinand Wolf demonstrates how to prepare before filming, checking what materials are needed for the shoot, and how to verify your equipment is fully updated and ready before going on site. He also shows how to check the shooting site and ensure that the area is secure for flying.

Watch the first episode below:

Episode 2: Composing Drone Motorsport Shots

The second episode of our WRC tips show how to fly the Inspire 2 in creative ways to get the best shots in situations where your target is moving at very high speeds.

Watch the second episode here:

Episode 3: Gimbal and Camera Setup

“While the pilot is flying the drone, the drone operator takes care of the gimbal, camera movements, and camera controls. Let me show you how to set up and operate the gimbal on the Inspire 2.”

In the last episode of the WRC Film School, our gimbal operator Andre will give you some tips on how to operate the gimbal at a race event and explain the different kinds of shots you can make for great video footage of fast moving objects.

Watch the last episode here:

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on our social media pages if you have any questions on gimbal operations or drone flight! Also if you would like to see more tutorials like the WRC Film School feel free to let us know in the comments.