Create Your Legacy With DJI Ronin 2

DJI’s new addition to the Ronin product line, the Ronin 2, puts state-of-the-art filming technology straight into the hands of filmmakers. By cutting down on the amount of difficulties encountered using current gimbal models, transferring creative visions to film is more possible than ever. An increased payload and battery life, along with reduced weight and a stronger frame mark the Ronin 2 as one of the most advanced camera stabilization systems on the market.

The most striking feature of the Ronin 2 is the increased payload. With the ability to carry over 11 kg (25 pounds), users have much greater flexibility in equipment setup. Additionally, the system comes equipped with dual batteries, which can support approximately 2.5 hours of filming. Higher payload and longer battery life make busy production days much less stressful, resulting in a much better filming experience.

Ronin 2 also comes with an upgraded frame to provide solutions for camera control and maintenance. Extension arms are built into the U-frame to make balancing easy, even with long, cinema-grade lenses. Additionally, users can now run cables through the body of the gimbal, reducing the risk of the damaging of exposed camera parts and cables.

Another main feature of the gimbal is the upgraded motor. The increased torque of the motor, which provides increased compensation for off-centered weight distribution, enables stability even at very high speeds. Ronin 2 can remain stable and smooth when mounted to vehicles going as fast as 120 km/h (75 mph), allowing filmmakers to shoot from cars, helicopters, and other vehicles previously too unstable to provide a suitable filming platform. With greater torque, the gimbal is also able to change between lenses of similar weight and size without recalibration, decreasing production downtime.

Multiple data and power ports are located throughout the build of the Ronin 2, enabling the frame to be the central power source for several other pieces of filming equipment. Without the need to carry separate batteries and chargers, users of Ronin 2 will have a more simplified battery management process. Centralized ports also offer an increased level of efficiency when preparing the shoot.

Overall, Ronin 2 is a state-of-the-art camera stabilization system that has come a long way from the previous generation of the Ronin series.

For the perfect shot every time, the new DJI Ronin 2 is the best choice. Read more about the technical specifications at the DJI website and create your legacy today!