DJI Impacts UK Malton School Students

To help students learn about urban environments, teacher James Hannam from MakerLabs, Ltd. took an unconventional approach. Pupils at Malton School in North Yorkshire, UK crave challenges. And the Geography Department, in particular, uses hands-on teaching methods, so students can apply what they learn in practical and realistic ways.

Previous urban environment studies involved creating field sketches, diagrams, and maps by hand. This limited the amount of data students could collect for analysis back in the classroom. However, this time they turned to technology.

The Malton School Challenge

Hannam and his students took their study to the sky with DJI’s Mavic Pro and quickly gathered aerial images of survey sites chosen for their study.  With the drone, a project that would traditionally have taken countless hours to complete became a fun, interactive field trip, and their surveys were more insightful than ever. With the DJI GO app, staff could easily images and videos directly to each student’s mobile device, allowing students to individually analyze data on their journeys between sites.

The Impact

Through the DJI Mavic Pro, the students of Malton School gained access to insights traditionally available only to professional geographers and city planners. The school’s onsite approach to learning with DJI also added some extra fun to thier schoolwork. At the end of the day, one of the students expressed, “throughout the day, using the DJI Mavic Pro has given a real buzz to the trip. I am looking forward to editing some of the video for my coursework.”

Technology and DJI has impacted the studies and lives of the students at Malton School and, in this case, changed coursework into fun. Malton School is continuing to add technology to the coursework and will continue to offer new ways of learning to students in the UK.