National Geographic & DJI Drone: #MyMavicContest

Program Introduction

The National Geographic Your Shot community partnership with DJI is an exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to living life at a level very few ever attain.

If you’ve got the wanderlust, ABOVE AND BEYOND is a marvelous opportunity for you to develop your aerial photography skills while showcasing them to the world. DJI is offering winners the chance to rent a DJI Mavic Pro for absolutely free.

Details of the Program

Sign up in the form above for a chance to be selected for a free DJI Mavic Pro rental. The right to use the Mavic is subject to the Loaner Agreement between you and the dealer if you are selected. Deposit may be required for the Mavic rental.

Additionally, National Geographic is hosting a photography competition for Mavic users in the US and Canada. Find out more information about the contest at the National Geographic Your Shot site.