#BeBoldForChange: Caroline Briggert

My name is Caroline Briggert and I have a background in corporate communication and stakeholder relations. Before joining DJI, I was working as a partner in a corporate communication consultancy company focusing on CSR and public affairs. After five years, I transferred to Hong Kong to expand the local office and after a year and a half in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to join DJI.

When did you become Head of Stakeholder Relations at DJI?

Within a few months of being appointed Head of Communications, Europe, at DJI we had hired a fantastic local team and set operations on the right track. Thus I had the opportunity and wanted to do something different. I could see a tremendous opportunity to not only use technology to further extend the services offered but also use drones for positive social, environmental and educational impact. I do believe that drones are at the forefront of bringing good to society. I knew I wanted to have an impact on people’s lives. I successfully pitched internally the idea of creating a role dedicated to developing our CSR initiatives globally.

How does the drone industry contribute to change society?

The DJI Global Corporate Citizenship Program aims to help nonprofits, governments, educational institutions and other partners start using drones to add value. This include anything from keeping firefighters safe while assessing a dangerous situation, conducting wildlife research in a non-intrusive manner, or inspiring youth to a career in technology.

One of the most meaningful projects I’ve worked on to date is a partnership with UNDP and the government of the Maldives. This low-lying island nation is vastly spread out and face increased risk of climate-change related natural disasters. As the risk for flooding and other natural disasters increase, this vulnerable country faces a big challenge to prepare for and respond to crises.

We worked with the UNDP to set up community emergency response teams, equipped with drones to quickly start local search-and-rescue efforts after a disaster. Drones further help these teams collect data over time and understand how their islands are changing. It’s all about empowering people so that they feel prepared and confident in raising issues to policymakers, asking for change in policies and pushing for implementing solutions such as building seawalls to slow down the erosion process.

There are endless of ways drones can be used for a good purpose. Supporters are also really important when you are heading towards an uncharted territory. Finding allies along the way and gathering their support is key. It’s unbelievable what can be accomplished when people are standing side by side and sharing the same vision.

I’m very proud of what we, as a team, have accomplished so far. Drones are increasingly being seen as a tool that help save lives, resources and time which helps change public perception. In the end of the day, we’re creating shared value that stretches beyond humanitarian, environmental and educational purposes – we’re also building a solid platform and business environment for the company in the long term.

What does change mean to you?

I believe change and challenge are strongly interconnected concepts. If you want to see change, you should be ready for the challenges that follow. When you need something changed, you may not yet have the blueprints and guidelines at hand, but that’s not the main focus. The focus should be in facing the challenges, standing by your decisions, believing in what you can do and going for it. It’s all about your internal voice giving you direction.

What drives me is using drones for social empowerment, spreading the word that drones are more than just well-crafted pieces of engineering. They can also help save lives and change the way we approach common issues in the environmental, societal and health fields.

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