Growing Together: The American Drone Industry and DJI

From day one, DJI has been proud of what our users have made possible. With our technology and your ideas, award-winning films have been produced, new job opportunities have been created, and lives have been saved.

We released the Phantom over six years ago, in a time when there was no drone like it – consumer-friendly, ready to fly, and performance-driven. Our products since then have made drones so affordable and accessible, it’s no wonder there are more than 1 million civilian drones registered in the U.S. alone.

Simply put, DJI has been a key player in making civilian drone use in the United States as reliable and essential as it is today. Our products have included the advanced control and safety features that are central to safe, user-friendly flight. Our collaborations with American technology companies like FLIR have made search and rescue operations more successful. Our frameworks for responsible drone use have guided the strong flight safety and data security measures that exist in all of our drones. As a central contributor to the U.S. drone industry, we believe it’s essential for DJI to take part in important discussions about it.

Most recently, the U.S. Senate held one such discussion, a hearing last week at a Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee entitled “Drone Security: Enhancing Innovation and Mitigating Supply Chain Risks.”

We were not part of this dialogue, which unfortunately included inaccurate information and speculation about drone use and technology, potentially leading to restrictions on the access of DJI’s drones, purely based on where we are headquartered. This can have a lasting negative impact on the public’s ability to realize the benefits of drones in the United States, threatening a thriving industry that is generating jobs, creating businesses and saving lives across America. Today, we want to take part in the discussion by sharing with you an open letter we have sent to the leaders of this Senate committee.

By sharing this letter, we hope to build upon the accomplishments we as an industry have all achieved together.



Please read the full letter here.